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Buy Cytolog, Cytotec 200mcg is an abortion process of ending a pregnancy and it can be done by either a surgical procedure or with medication. The medication method is preferred by women as this can be done efficiently for a pregnancy less than 9 weeks and does not need a medical practitioner to be present to perform this procedure.

Women find his method convenient, not invasive, and good for their privacy. This method has fewer chances of infection as you do not need to use any kind of surgical instrument.

What is Cytolog, Cytotec 200mcg abortion pill?

Cytolog, Cytotec 200mcg is the brand name of the medication Misoprostol which is used in abortion. This medication is usually accompanied by another medicine called Mifepristone to have complete removal of pregnancy from the body.

So let's go through some common questions about Cytolog, Cytotec 200mcg Abortion pills.

How to consume Cytolog pills or Cytotec (misoprostol) for abortion?

The Cytolog has Misoprostol, for the termination of pregnancy less than eight weeks, an 800mcg Cytolog is taken with a 200mg Mifepristone pill. The four pills of Cytolog of 200mcg each are consumed to complete the dose.

These pills are to be administered either by oral or vaginal intake.

Oral intake method:

If you are taking these pills orally, you put all four pills in your buccal cavity. Put two pills each in both cheek pouches. These pills have to dissolve on their own so you should not disturb the pills and let them stay there for 30 minutes.

Avoid crushing or chewing on the Cytolog abortion pills. If there are still the contents remaining after 30 minutes you should simply swallow it.

Vaginal intake method :

In case of vaginal intake, you should wash your hand properly first and then push the pills one after another inside your vagina as far as you can with your finger. Do not use any object for this purpose, as inserting any object in the vagina can cause infection.

Both the above methods of intake are equally effective. You choose the way comfortable to you or follow the one suggested by your doctor.

How do Cytolog abortion pills work?

Misoprostol in Cytolog is responsible for removing the dead fetus and other tissues of a pregnancy from the body. Cytolog abortion pills cause strong contraction in the uterus wall. Because of this contraction, the thick uterine lining which is supposed to support the pregnancy starts loosening from the uterine wall.

Along with causing these contractions Cytolog is also responsible for smoothening and opening of the cervix wider.

Then dead fetus and other tissues of terminated pregnancy are expelled through vaginal bleeding.

What are the side effects?

Cytolog abortion pill causes minor Side Effects like headache, the feeling of nausea, vomiting, back pain, fever, and chills. All these symptoms will last for a short period and will fade gradually. You can use over-the-counter pills to relieve the pain.

Does Cytolog (Cytotec) abortion pills cause any permanent damage or affect fertility?

Cytolog (Cytotec) abortion pills do not cause any permanent damage to your health. It is medically approved and totally safe to use. lt also has high efficiency of 98% over the past two decades and there haven't been reports of any ill effects.

The contents of both the Cytolog and Mifepristone which is another abortion pill taken in combination for this process are totally safe and it doesn't cause any harm to your future fertility.

What is expected after I consume Cytolog (Cytotec 200mcg) abortion pills?

  • Within a few hours of taking Cytolog pills, strong contractions will happen in the uterus; these contractions can be felt as severe cramping.
  • You can use pain relievers for cramping and other pain.
  • You will also experience heavy bleeding as pregnancy contents are going to be removed from the body.
  • There can be visible dead tissues or clots in your vaginal discharge. It may not be so obviously visible if you were in the early stage of the pregnancy. In case these clots are bigger than the size of a lemon you should contact your doctor.
  • The heavy bleeding will decrease after a few hours and it is also expected to continue over a couple of weeks with laser intensity. If you observe that heavy breathing has returned again after a few days you should seek medical help

What precautions should I take if I buy Cytolog abortion pill ?

  • Make sure that before 24-48hrs, you have consumed your first medication of Mifepristone.
  • Confirm with ultrasound test that this is a normal pregnancy, conceived inside the uterus and of lesser than 56 days.
  • Avoid traveling, smoking, drinking, and harmful drugs as well as heavy and straining physical tasks exercises.
  • Follow a healthy diet for faster recovery.
  • Make sure you have easy access to the Emergency Room in case something goes wrong.
  • Use sanitary napkins, not anything which has to be inserted in the vagina like tampons and menstrual cups.

How will I buy Cytolog (cytotec 200mcg) abortion pills?

If you are seeking an abortion for a pregnancy less than 9 weeks you can buy Cytolog abortion pills online or Cytotec (misoprostol) from our pharmacy named As we sell only genuine, medically approved, quality products. We also give you multiple shipping and payment options for your convenience.

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