Customer Review

Olivia Sharp 26/10/2022

Mixed reviews that I read on the internet got me wary of medical abortion but I had to go for it anyways as I wanted to take the pills at home and not get hospitalized. Now that I am done with the abortion, I feel it is not that difficult and scary to take the medication route for pregnancy termination. You can trust me on this.

Smith Rose 26/10/2022

It was a neat conversation with customer support about getting abortion pills in the USA. I belong to New York, and it was a simple process to buy abortion pills online.

Penelope Stewart 26/10/2022

The commitment to deliver the pills on time is what I am here to thank for. I liked the pill’s packaging.

Rachel Thomson 26/10/2022

The Live Chat option here is the most active one as I got help all that I wanted with regards to the use and buying of abortion pills.

Sally Vance 26/10/2022

May every woman have the courage to stand up for the right to unrestricted healthcare for pregnancy. Thankfully online abortion pills are available for us to make a free choice to end the pregnancy in the privacy of our homes.