Customer Review

Christina 13/09/2022

Very few websites are legit in selling abortion pills these days, and you are one of those who provide authentic medicines. The detailed pages here made me believe that the store was really serious about its purpose. Not to mention the existing positive feedback from past customers.

Jennie 16/08/2022

Before adding medicines to the cart, I had so many queries about pregnancy termination running in my mind. Thankfully, I got the answers to my queries from customer care. They were patient, understanding, and quick in responding to my concerns.

Miller Evey 17/09/2021

I was not ready for 3rd baby as I am already a mother of two. So I took the Mifeprex pill and ended my pregnancy with it. Medical abortion is so easy you can do it at your home rather than going for surgery.

Caroline 17/09/2021

After my process, I am here to tell you about my abortion journey and give some feedback on the website and the abortion pills. I took the pills when I was in my 5th week. Soon after taking the pills, my stomach started paining badly and within 2 hours bleeding started. After 3 days I was feeling quite better as If I am on my periods. After 15 days when I did the pregnancy check, it came negative and I felt so happy. Secondly about the website they are so friendly and helping and delivered the abortion pills on time. I am very thankful.

Jenny S. 17/09/2021

I am the luckiest women to have such a supporting husband. We were not ready for becoming parents so soon after marriage so we opted for medical abortion. I took MTP Kit as advised by customer care and the process began. My husband was there by my side during the whole process and it went smoothly. I highly recommend MTP Kit.