Customer Review

Tucker Sonia 26/10/2022

You guys are eligible to earn all the appreciation. Thanks for the abortion pills.

Wilkins Yvonne 26/10/2022

I am all for ordering abortion pills online because it is the easiest method to end your early pregnancy. I got the pills the moment I understood I conceived and did not want to keep them due to some complications in my life. Thanks for giving me access to the medicines.

Wilson Donna 26/10/2022

Few people come ahead and recount the result of successful abortion but crib about the symptoms instead. I am here for the latter. I want to tell everyone that after the medical abortion wraps up, take care of your health, eat healthily, and do not strain your body because recovery is important. Also, I want to thank the store peeps for helping me out with the medication guide so that I could take the pills without any issues.

Vanessa Dickens 26/10/2022

I am impressed with the quality of services and healthcare. The pills were genuine and I had no problems whatsoever administering the medicine and getting the pregnancy terminated by myself at home.

Una Davies 26/10/2022

Feasible for women across the world because you can order abortion pills online from anywhere. I live in a relatively off-town area and they delivered the pills just within a few days here.